Mobile Health BSL3 Laboratories and Clinics for Emergency Epidemics like Ebola 

Mobile DVI Laboratories

New! MLEE-4000DC Labs in stock now.

EBOLA , SARS, MERS, Bird Flu, A-H1N1, TB, Cholera and FMD-Foot and Mouth, Testing, Diagnostics, Vaccination Control, Preventing and Helping you with the Pandemic situations, in the field! Our fully Mobile BSL3 Health Laboratories, and Clinics units with 4x4 drives, 220VAC triple power sources, automated UPS systems, Negative HEPA Air and double AC units, can be used for Testing and Diagnosis before/during/after any other Infectious Diseases Outbreaks. Advanced INFRARED Detection systems are incorporated.

We at ORLANDO SYSTEMS LLC, have planned, designed and manufactured Mobile Labs since 2001 to provide emergency Mobile Medical Systems for Diagnosys and Preliminary Health Care, as Aid and care, to be co-financed by donors and sponsors, for Medical Pandemic situations. Also for Tsunami, Flood and Earthquake victims in Indonesia, Thailand, India, Philippines and other affected countries like the Earthquake disasters in Pakistan and Haiti.

Our Mobile Medical BSL3 Laboratories, Mobile Health Clinics and other Emergency Medical systems, are available with training, personel and support for the sometimes-unpredictable medical needs in the aftermath of the natural disaster or Pandemic. Human Infections always follow disasters, we help identity and act. Some BSL3 Mobile Lab units are in STOCK now, ready for IMMEDIATE delivery!

We plan to help prevent, prepare for, and cope with Medical emergencies, for the local organizations to be able to serve better the Health needs of patients. If you know of an effort to help Pandemic emergencies, plagues, Earthquake or Tsunami victims in any way related to our work please let us know; we will accept legitimate organization listings and qualified medical volunteers willing to go with our systems.
>Our DVI-Disaster Identification Victim platforms can provide a Biosafe working places, on site, for your Forensic experts.

We have also well prepared for Veterinarian Epidemics like H1N1, H5, TB, Hepatitis, FMD Foot and Mouth Disease, Bovine TB, Antrax, on site diagnosis and confirmation, see us at

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